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Our camp programs were built to provide parents with care for children when the ISD schools are closed for their winter and summer breaks. At Preston Kiddie Kollege we allow you to pick the weeks in which are you want care throughout the summer. This enables you a family vacation or allows your child to participate in other camps throughout the summer or winter time, without financial impact.

Our philosophy on education starts with our knowledge that school-age children seem to have a steadier pace of growing and learning. Children at this age are interested in real-life tasks and activities, they want to make "real" jewelry or take "real" pictures. School age children are more likely to stick with things until the project is finished, problem solved or conflict resolved. Doing things with friends, teamwork and following rules are very important. At this age it is more important to gain self-confidence and experience achievement.

At Preston Kiddie Kollege we will promote the development of your school-age child by offering activities in the following areas:

When your child attends one of our camps, they will go on several field trips throughout their time with us. At Preston Kiddie Kollege we look for the following standards when planning our field trips; they must be educational, safe, and FUN!

Below is a list where our campers have visited in the past:

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