The design of our 13,000-square foot preschool reflects our philosophy of supporting a safe, consistent and holistic environment for the children.

The interior spaces promote a homelike environment through the creation of separate infant, toddler, and preschool "neighborhoods." These neighborhoods are further divided into cozy classroom environments. All of the rooms feature special and appropriate tools for specific ages. The daycare ratios provided in each room surpass the state's requirements to ensure quality childcare.


The Infant Neighborhood

It can be difficult to leave your infant alone for the first time. Rest assured your child will be cared for just like in their own home. We pay special attention to your child's daily needs and nurture them to stimulate shared exploration and creative play. The infant neighborhood consists of a large open area with changing stations and comfortable quiet sleep spaces.

The Toddler Neighborhood

Toddlers are learning to assert their independence. With this in mind we have divided the toddler neighborhood into large play areas for active exploration and beginning group experiences; and small areas for quiet play and interactions. The toddler rooms have a sleep area for nap time and are equipped with bathroom facilities designed for smaller children. Our early preschool curriculum and neighborhoods are designed with a two year consistency plan in mind. In this manner infants and toddlers will experience their early preschool environment as consistent and secure.

The Preschool Neighborhood

The preschool neighborhood consists of rooms for both three and four-year-old children. Each has a large group area for hands-on learning and group activities, as well as small areas for quiet play and one-on-one interactions. Every room has its own child friendly bathroom facility. The preschool also offers age-appropriate outdoor play areas and an indoor gym / playroom for large motor activities. The design of our preschool room helps our children make a comfortable transition to kindergarten.

Each child in our infant, toddler and preschool program is assigned a lead teacher. The role of the lead teacher is to ease children's transition into the program, follow their developmental growth throughout the year and provide the family with support. The families of infants, toddlers and three-year-olds receive daily notes and the families of four-year-olds and kindergartners receive weekly notes from their primary teacher.



To bridge childcare to education by having fun while learning.


To provide quality early childhood care for the children. We offer both full and part-time programs that are designed to meet the special needs of each child in a safe and nurturing daycare environment.

The Kiddie Kollege is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, consistent, challenging and holistic environment for children. The environment at Kiddie Kollege offers emotional and social support with clearly defined cognitive learning objectives. It also presents a variety of multicultural experiences that support the integrity of each child’s family. We seek diversity among the children and families participating in this preschool program.

Each child’s day has an individual rhythm as well as a predictable flow. To support this balance, we provide a warm, nurturing setting that encourages children to learn through hands-on experiential activities.

As part of our daycare policies, our staff receives on-going teacher training to keep current with the complex and changing needs of children. Achieving our goals is dependent upon consistent, open, and positive communication between family and staff members. This communication is essential to meet the needs of parents, children, and Preston Kiddie Kollege. We feel that this fosters a unique and beneficial experience for everyone involved in preschool programs.

Our Goals