Our Curriculum

Your baby will learn and change more in their first year of life than any other year. Our teachers are trained to provide your child all the nurturing and opportunity to help your child develop new skills to his or her best ability. Our infant daycare curriculum includes activities to build trust in their caregivers by providing interaction with songs, talking, and reading to encourage early language skills. Yet it also gives the children downtime, so they do not get over-stimulated. Younger infants are given regular floor time with age appropriate toys to encourage motor and cognitive skills. In the younger infant room, infants can relax and feel comforted in bouncer seats and swings, as well as their own individual crib. In the older infant room, there are no bouncer seats or swings to allow more room for the children to learn to crawl, cruise, and eventually walk. The foundation of trust is built at this age of development. Knowing this, the teachers pay close attention to each infant's needs and meet them as soon as possible, so the child can feel secure that they are in a safe environment to learn and grow.

"We play to learn and learn to play"