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TODDLERS - Toddler Curriculum

Toddlers are curious! At toddler daycare program in Preston Kiddie Kollege our toddlers are encouraged to use their natural curiosity by affording them the opportunities to explore their world while building vocabulary, developing small and large motor skills, engaging in creative expression, fostering positive social interactions, and stimulating their visual and tactile skills. Throughout the year in toddler daycare program we will introduce the following subjects through thematic presentation.


At two, children are asserting their individuality. They are eager to learn and exhibit enthusiasm to explore. Our quality daycare professionals will provide ample opportunities for your child to learn through exploration. Math, science, and language concepts will be built through engaging hands on experiences. We will promote social and emotional development through group games and free choice activities. Throughout the year learning will be integrated in all areas through thematic units.

The following subjects will be introduced.

We will work closely with your child through these typical daycare development phases, easing the frustration of some of these milestones and encouraging the growth of others.





Our program will include:

"We play to learn and learn to play"
A child in a toddler daycare in Frisco, TX