Professional Preschool Program in Frisco, TX


The preschool child eagerly pursues autonomy; they are ready to develop large muscle skills like jumping and skipping and small motor skills like pinching and grasping pencils and scissors. The pre-school child is happy with their increased ability to communicate with adults as well as their peers. They have a great need to learn and are constantly asking questions. Children at this age are beginning to learn cooperative play and sharing with others. The 3 to 5-year-old child is becoming more and more independent and self-reliant. It is our goal at Preston Kiddie Kollege to provide preschool program opportunities for the pre-school child to:

We will work closely with your preschooler through these typical preschool development phases, easing the frustration of some of these milestones and encouraging the growth of others.





"We play to learn and learn to play"
Children participating in a preschool program in Frisco, TX